Smarthaul TMS Subscription Plans

Our new platform includes intuitive features to help carriers, dispatchers and drivers work smarter and haul faster.

An innovative platform to accelerate your business

Transport Management System
Import loads and manage your entire business through our platform
Market Load Board
Find optimal loads to maximize per-mile revenue, growing your business
Driver App
Enhance driver workflow with electronic delivery documents and AI inspections
Smart Features
Save time and increase profitability with artificial intelligence tools

If you want the best for your business, drivers and customers, you need industry-leading technology

If you already have an account with Ship.Cars, you’ll continue to have FREE unlimited access to all features on the new platform. If you’re growing your business or want to assign loads to more drivers, we have plans tailored to your specific needs. Explore all your options:

Free Plan:

Features: Unlimited usage of all features on the new SmartHaul TMS, including the mobile app for drivers

Loads: Up to 3 imported/accepted loads per month

Price: Free

Growth Plan:

Features: Unlimited usage of all features on the new SmartHaul TMS, including the mobile app for drivers

Loads: Unlimited

Price: $39 per month (includes 1 driver); plus $39 for each additional driver assigned loads during the month. This plan is ideal for small to medium-sized carriers with approximately 15 drivers

Professional Plan:

Features: Unlimited usage of all features on the new SmartHaul TMS, including the mobile app for drivers

Loads: Unlimited

Price: Custom pricing, contact (844) 227-6864 for more information. This plan is ideal for large fleet carrier companies with over 10 drivers

How it works:

The billing period starts once an account subscribes to a monthly paid subscription plan. Payment is due at the end of the billing cycle, which is the day of the month the user has started the subscription, or the last day of the month (e.g. 28th of February, if the billing date is 30th.). The payment is due immediately.

Intuitive SmartHaul TMS features!

Trip Builder:

  • This new feature optimizes the revenue of a potential trip by reducing deadhead miles.
  • View all potential loads on a driver’s trip and swap between load opportunities to choose the best load for empty spots.
  • Loads can be added before booking to configure the most profitable route possible.
  • Carriers will save time and increase revenue.

AI Damage Inspection:

  • Eliminate human error, ensuring more accurate reporting.
  • Reduce vehicle inspection times by 60%.
  • Receive full condition reports in 30 seconds.

Search Along Route:

  • While on the Market Load Board, find loads posted near your route origin, destination and anywhere in between to maximize your trip.
  • Leverage filters, waypoints and other options to optimize your route and haul more efficiently.

Driver Chat, powered by Logytext:

Right from your SmartHaul TMS, you can message your drivers no matter what mobile device or app they’re using. This is the latest innovation in driver-dispatcher communication!

  • Save communication time
  • Improve driver efficiency
  • Resolve conflicts quickly
(Monthly)Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3
Number of messages1,0005,00015,000
Additional messages$0.030$0.025$0.020
Number of dispatchers51530
Additional dispatchers$8.00$7.00$5.00
Number of driversUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Mass messagesXXX
Scheduled messagesXXX

Thanks to a special partnership with Logytext, Ship.Cars is thrilled to be able to provide exclusive benefits to our valuable carriers. No matter what tier you select these additional features are also included at no extra charge:

  • User management
  • Communication tags
  • Location API update
  • Custom reporting
  • Phone calls and recordings
  • Integrations with WhatsApp, Zapier, Peruse, Chat GPT and ELD

We look forward to continuing our partnership with you and bringing you more innovative solutions to support the success of your business.


Contact a member of our team at or (844) 227-6864. We are available to answer any questions you may have. Let us assist you in transitioning your account to the plan best suited to your business goals.

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