Not Just an EPOD: Discover Perks of the Smarthaul App

This powerful app is loaded with smart features to help your business grow. Seamlessly find, book and process loads directly in the app. When you digitize your entire operation you can ditch the paperwork and focus on what really matters—driving!

Imagine a delivery driver app that checks all the boxes

Electronic Proof of Delivery
Quick sync between BOL and inspection
AI damage inspection reports
Mobile Market Load Board

Electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) to improve workflow from dispatcher to driver

Manage your drivers’ trips and tasks through the convenience of a mobile app. The SmartHaul APP ensures a fast and hassle-free car shipping process.

  • Receive real-time driver updates
  • Enable paperless pickup and delivery
  • Allow multi-vehicle location pickup and delivery
  • Accelerate BOL sync with sophisticated bill of lading software
  • Leverage in-app geotagging to reduce the risk of fraud
  • Improve order tracking

Our drivers love it! Not only because they can quickly find all they need, right inside the SmartHaul App, but the level of claim protection also saves them money. Every driver has different order requirements but when it comes to dispatching, using Ship.Cars knocks my work in half!

Shaughnessy Overland Express Inc.

Mobile access to our Market Load Board for on-the-go success

Through the SmartHaul APP, users gain seamless access to all available postings. This mobile-optimized platform is tailored for owner operators and drivers, offering user-friendly navigation for swift and efficient operation.

  • Post offers and negotiate rates all in one place.
  • Tap-to-search functionality, no typing required.
  • Customizable search tool, never miss a new load.
  • See exclusive loads and instant booking.
  • Book instantly and manage loads effortlessly.

Save time and improve accuracy with AI-powered vehicle inspections

Ship.Cars is excited to be the first in the industry to integrate AI Damage Inspection software into our SmartHaul APP. Leveraging the camera on your mobile phone, drivers are able to scan a vehicle, detect damage and capture reliable photos to use for reporting.

  • Speeds up and simplifies the documentation process.
  • Eliminates human error, ensuring more accurate reporting.
  • Fully automated vehicle condition reports generated within 30 seconds.
  • Using our AI-powered technology can reduce vehicle inspection times by 60%.

Maximize your per-mile revenue with our new Trip Builder feature

  • Our software automatically detects empty spots аnd looks for loads to fill up your trailer.
  • Dynamic planning allows you to add, remove and rearrange stops to configure a trip with the best dollar-per-mile value possible.
  • Save time and increase revenue by reducing deadhead miles.

Electronic Bill of Lading (eBOL) software that automates your process

  • Autofills vehicle make, model, VIN and addresses to avoid human error.
  • Provides real-time access to critical information throughout the entire transportation process, providing peace of mind to carriers, shippers and customers.
  • Sophisticated software improves and accelerates sync between BOL and inspection, creating a better driver app experience.
  • Speeds up trip completions to get drivers back on the road quickly.

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