Car Shipping Calculator

Shippers know all too well that coming up with a price that will move loads quickly while maximizing margins isn’t the easiest task. Fortunately, there's an advanced car shipping cost calculator that creates instant, accurate quotes.

Discover a car shipping calculator that works for you

Fast and reliable pricing
Auto adjusting based on market conditions
Quotes for the customer and Carrier
Accurately predicts future rates

Move cars quickly with an auto shipping rates calculator

Calcatron is a vehicle transport cost calculator that gives you the optimal Carrier rate for a successful order, while still maintaining your margins.

  • The most powerful pricing tool in existence
  • Combines historical data and machine learning
  • Integrates with an API
  • Instant results with detailed pricing
  • Mobile and desktop options

A car shipping calculator that's always learning

  • Combines historic data with current calculations and price trends. The more you use it, the better it gets.
  • Uses machine learning technology to turn this data into the most accurate quote for the required auto shipping dates.
  • Predicts future rates with a high degree of accuracy.

Fast (not furious) auto shipping rates calculator

  • Calcatron generates a quote in milliseconds.
  • Displays the main factors that have influenced the rate, to help you explain to the customer.
  • Provides full and discount prices, as well as the reverse journey costs.

A car shipping calculator that saves you money

  • Accurate calculations can significantly reduce your carrier costs and increase margins.
  • Considers hundreds of factors in each calculation, from vehicle weight and dimensions to population density at pick-up and drop-off.
  • Proven success with industry leading Shippers.