Your Streamlined, all-in-one Platform

When shipping cars you need to act fast. Rather than acquiring costly transportation software or posting loads on sites hard-wired with manual processes, you dream of finding an easy, intuitive solution that encompasses both a transportation management system and a market load board.

Imagine a car hauler platform for Dealerships and other Shippers

Access to thousands of Carriers
Chat in-app with Carriers
AI-based tools for load pricing
View and track loads in real time

Simplified load management

Ship.Cars LoadMate provides a direct, streamlined way to get connected with an industry-best transport management solution.

  • Create, post and move loads faster
  • Dispatch directly to top industry Carriers
  • Manage loads more effectively
  • Automate pricing with instant, accurate quotes
  • Negotiate with Carriers and close deals online
  • Send/receive digital alerts and updates

Comprehensive location tracking that provides visibility

  • Location sharing which give you accurate real time updates on the exact whereabouts of the Carrier.
  • With geotracking, gain the ability to estimate accurate arrival times for your shipments and keep your customers informed.

An auto transport load board that streamlines your business

  • A digital shortcut to the auto transport marketplace. Create and post loads from scratch.
  • Dispatch orders electronically and connect online with thousands of Carriers.

Built-in enhancements to manage loads and negotiate deals

  • Tools to negotiate online with Carriers and track dispatched loads.
  • Have the option to chat freely with Carriers.
  • Create quotes and manage all aspects of the quote itself.
  • Alerts/updates: Digital notifications provide crucial information regarding load acceptance, BOL sync and trip completion.

Simplify. Enhance. Evolve.

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