Revolutionize your Operation with Smarthaul TMS

SmartHaul TMS is the premier transportation management system for carriers who are serious about optimizing their operations. Leverage a suite of smart features designed to streamline and automate various tasks, saving you time and maximizing your revenue.

Harness the power of smart technology for your car hauling business

State-of-the-art trip management
AI-powered capacity matching tools
Real-time updates and tracking
Digital tools for payment & invoicing

SmartHaul TMS: Streamline your business with the power of technology

  • Advanced dashboard allows you to see which payments have been made and which ones are pending.
  • See which loads you’ve just assigned, which are enroute and which ones have been delivered.
  • Ship.Cars car carrier dispatch software is a digital platform that enables a complete view of all transactions.

Maximize your per-mile revenue with our new Trip Builder feature

  • Our software automatically detects empty spots аnd looks for loads to fill up your trailers.
  • Dynamic planning allows you to add, remove and rearrange stops to configure a trip with the best dollar-per-mile value possible.
  • Once the trip is assigned to a driver, Trip Builder will track progress by providing real-time updates of your driver’s route.

Discover more loads effortlessly with Load Scout

  • Our machine-learning algorithm automatically matches newly posted loads with your trip’s available capacity.
  • Eliminate dead miles by filling up empty spots for each trip, maximizing efficiency and revenue.
  • Other load boards offer suggestions after a saved search, but only Load Scout alerts carriers about new loads based on your preferences.

Car carrier dispatch software that automates and streamlines

  • SmartHaul TMS provides powerful search and car hauler dispatch functionality, real-time updates and a robust dashboard.
  • Features include invoice organization and automatic updates for Shippers.
  • Additional integrations include the ability to import loads from other load boards and create new orders within the Ship.Cars platform.

We look forward to continuing our partnership with you and bringing you more innovative solutions to support the success of your business.


Contact a member of our team at or (844) 227-6864. We are available to answer any questions you may have. Let us assist you in transitioning your account to the plan best suited to your business goals.

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