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Car hauler load board - Market Load Board

A dynamic Car Hauler Load Board

To grow your business you need to automate as much as possible and connect with brokers on a modern auto hauler load board where you can close deals fast with the click of a button.
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Imagine a car hauler load board for Carriers and Dispatchers

Car hauler load board - connect with brokers
Connect with brokers without making a call
Car hauler load board - book instantly
Book instantly, manage loads effortlessly
Auto hauler load board - negotiate prices
Negotiate prices without leaving your desktop
Auto hauler load board - smart filters
Use smart filters to find preferred loads & routes

Ship.Cars Market Load Board for Carriers

Savvy Dispatchers grab the best loads from reliable brokers at the best price. At least that’s the plan. Unfortunately, current car hauler load boards are either too expensive, too antiquated––or both. When you choose Ship.Cars Market Load Board you enter a robust digital marketplace designed to put you in the best position to select competitively priced trips that align with your Driver’s preferred routes.

  • Choose from a constantly refreshing list of thousands of loads
  • Negotiate with brokers online for optimal price.
  • Receive automatic email notifications.
  • Explore exclusive load board listings.
  • Filter loads by origin and destination, including city, state and zip code and see results dynamically update.
  • Book loads instantly--no need to go offline.
Car hauler load board testimonials

If I have to use one word to describe what Ship.Cars helped our business to become, it’s organized. Everything is now in a single place—documentation, contacts, order info, payments, damages, pictures, mileage. Whatever I need, I know it’s right inside the order so I don’t have to spend time looking for it over emails or texts.

GAS Motorsport

Explore a car carrier and dispatcher load board with Instant Booking

  • “Clicks not calls.”
  • Close deals online quickly and reliably.
  • Instant Booking enables secure online transactions with Brokers.
  • No more picking up the phone.
  • No more lost opportunities to haul loads because brokers are offline.

A car hauler load board with booming selection

  • Sophisticated software allows you to match loads with preferred routes, load and payment preferences.
  • Built-in negotiation tools: Quickly reach agreement with Brokers and begin dispatching loads to Drivers.

An auto carrier load board with a view you can use

  • Enjoy a complete, holistic view of the auto transport marketplace.
  • Filter for route, destination, vehicle type, payment—and more.
  • Powerful search engine enables you to find optimal car hauler loads quickly, easily.

Simplify. Enhance. Evolve.

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