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Predictive rate engine

Multifunctional CRM

Carrier Pay Advising Feature

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Machine learning algorithms

Manage your drivers, trips and loads

Carrier focused Loadboard

Easy-to-use ePOD app

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What can a good control center do for your carrier operations?

How do you manage your booked loads? Are you struggling with ineffective software or hard to manage spreadsheets? Are your payments being delayed on your billing orders? Are you a business owner that’s constantly on the go? No worries, we have a mobile app for you too. Managing your dispatch tasks with the Ship.Cars Dashboard will quickly optimize your time. Book loads from the Loadboard and import booked orders from other platforms. Assign all of your orders to your drivers. Get paid on-time, — the Dashboard generates invoices and send them along with the BOLs to your partners immediately after delivery.


Your powerful vehicle inspection tool

Have you asked your drivers how much time they spend on filling out BOLs? How many BOLs got lost? Do you get a lot of unreasonable claims? Leave the pen and paper behind and use our ultra modern, intuitive and easy-to-use ePOD application. Perform vehicle inspections, take vehicle photos, generate electronic BOLs. All digital files are geotagged for your protection and get automatically uploaded into your Dashboard. Order statuses also get automatically updated. All of your shippers/brokers are kept in the loop throughout transport.


Your Digital Marketplace

Whether you are posting or looking for a load — the Loadboard is the place to go. Doesn’t matter if you’re using Ship.Cars CRM or your own, you can post all your loads with a click of a button. Always wanted the carriers to take all of your loads within the same route? Not a problem, use the smart loads suggesting feature to build bundles. Post just the right carrier pay to get it shipped — based on historical data and current market demand carrier pay suggestions. Book your loads, negotiate without picking up the phone. Save your driver routes into searches and get instantly notified of new loads. Did a great job? The platform automatically scores your company based on performance.

Predictive Rate Engine

The most accurate auto transport instant quote rate engine

Do your customers wait for hours to get a quote from your website? When your customers call, how do you ensure you’re providing the most optimized rate? Take your business to the next level! The predictive rate engine is not only able to instantly display a quote for your customers and agents — but it also doesn’t require any manual work on your part. Our rate engine is automatically self-adjusting by considering vehicle value and many other factors. Integrate with our API to enhance your system and website.


A CRM for you and your auto transport business

Are you a broker, dealer, auction, manufacturer or other car shipping business? Are you managing your orders with an outdated software with little to no insights on your success? Are the customizations and integrations of your current solutions hard or non-existent? Does your CRM “think” about your customers and your carriers’ success? We too have been asking these same questions... The answer is currently under development with ETA Q3 of 2018. Make sure to subscribe and receive updates on the progress.

Built with the latest technology because our industry shouldn’t settle for less

Completely cloud based. All of your data is fully protected and securely stored in the cloud. Machine learning algorithms for analytical data predictions. Single page applications (SPA) allow live data flow, page refreshes are not necessary. Native mobile apps built from scratch for maximum user experience. Latest 3rd party tools for performance monitoring and stability.

How everything works together

Seamless experience

Digital solution

Made specifically, for you.