Working your leads, so you don’t have to

Leads may be the life-blood of broking but turning them into orders takes time. Now you can automate the whole process and save yourself hours. No more manually feeding email details into a calculator to generate a quote, no more sending it back to the client and then entering it into your TMS.

Discover a parsing tool that works for auto transport brokers, like you

Adjustable templates to match your leads
Quotes generated automatically

Parse with flying colors

The Ship.Cars Lead Parser converts your leads into quotes, allowing you to spend more time on your orders.

  • Extracts data directly from email leads
  • Calculates a rate using Calcatron
  • Delivers the quote back to the customer
  • Places the quote into Shipper TMS
  • Eliminates the need for manual input
  • Reduces time taken on each order

We receive hundreds of new leads a day from our website, which can take up a huge amount of time to go through. Now these customers already have their quotes, so when we speak to them, we can process their orders faster.

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Leads you can follow

  • Automating the lead to quote process frees up time to focus on new orders.
  • Customers receive faster response on quotes, increasing the chance of converting into an order.
  • The increase in productivity can lead to greater turnover for you and your brokers.