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Delivery driver app - Driver ePOD

A Reliable Epod App Solution

Tired of trying to manage vehicle deliveries with outdated paper-based forms that create confusion and waste everyone's time? If you’ve been thinking there needs to be a simple yet advanced ePOD delivery driver app solution, you’re absolutely right!
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Imagine a delivery driver app that checks all the boxes

ePOD - geotargetting
Electronic proof of delivery
ePOD - location pick-up/delivery
Multiple location pick-up/delivery
Delivery driver app - BOL and inspection
Quick sync between BOL and inspection
Delivery driver app - no paperwork
A triumphant goodbye to paperwork

Electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) software that enhances workflow⁠—from Dispatcher to Driver

Driver ePOD allows you to manage your Driver’s trip and tasks through the convenience of a mobile app. From pick-up to delivery, you can ensure cars ship fast and hassle-free with the Ship.Cars delivery driver app.

  • Receive real-time Driver updates.
  • Enable paperless pick-up & delivery.
  • Allow multi-vehicle location pick-up & delivery.
  • Improve and accelerate BOL sync with sophisticated bill of lading software.
  • Leverage in-app geotagging technology to reduce the chance of fraud.
  • Improve order tracking.
ePOD testimonials

Our drivers love it! Not only because they can quickly find all they need, right inside the Driver ePOD app, but the level of claim protection also saves them money. Every driver has different order requirements but when it comes to dispatching, using Ship.Cars knocks my work in half!

Shaughnessy Overland Express Inc.

ePOD geotagging: your ticket to a fraud-free future

  • Introduces precise time and geographic information into the inspection process.
  • Geotags and time-stamps vehicle pictures and signatures, enabling Drivers to furnish proof of existing condition/damages beyond human assessment.
  • Eliminates ambiguity and ensures complete transparency.

With Driver ePOD, multiple locations and multiple vehicles are no longer a headache

  • Streamlines workflow to accommodate multi-vehicle drop-off and delivery at multiple locations.
  • Driver ePOD allows you to integrate everything in one order.
  • No friction. No fuss. One order.

Electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) tech support that’s second to none

  • A superior customer experience for new and existing customers.
  • Driver ePOD support team takes exceptional care with onboarding.
  • A full user experience so your Drivers are fully invested in its powerful, trip-enhancing features.

Electronic bill of lading (eBOL) software that automates your process

  • Empowers Drivers and legally reassures Carriers, Shippers and Customers.
  • Autofills vehicle make & model, VIN and addresses to avoid human error.
  • Improves and accelerates sync between BOL and inspection through sophisticated electronic bill of lading software.
  • Leverages speed, flow and efficiency for a better delivery driver app experience, ensuring trips conclude succinctly and Dispatchers get Drivers back on the road hauling loads.

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